Hello hello hello, all! And first of all, welcome to the new website. This is the first post I’ve made in many months, although I won’t tell you how many months because there’s no real way for you to tell now that the old website is gone, and with it many of my older posts.The truth is I’ve been out of focus with my writing career for a few months while getting my life back settled into shape. I’m almost there, and it has meant some big changes, which I’ll post about at a later date.

But in the meantime, I did venture out to my old alma mater (Western State Colorado University) this last weekend to be on a panel at the Writing the Rockies conference. Which is, to say, I spent a lot of time on my mountain bike riding the beautiful Gunnison Valley with the same partners in crime I did the panel with, Nathan Beauchamp and Chris Barili. It was a beautiful, fun-filled time, though I have to admit we didn’t spend much of it in the actual conference.

I did, however, get to take some time to catch up with several of my old writing instructors, Professor Mark Todd, who I studied under for my undergraduate degree, and Russell Davis, whose tutelidge really helped launch my writing career in graduate school. It was great to see both of them as well as all of the professors I’ve studied under in the past, and it was great to spend some time renewing my passion for writing as well.

Plus, I got to be on a panel with international bestselling author Kevin Anderson, who has written more books than most people will ever read. I won’t go into too much detail other than to express how blown away I was by his work output and ethic, and to say that it motivated me to get to work on my own career in new and meaningful ways.

The panel was a long discussion of ideas and concepts related to both independent publishing and traditional publishing, which I have hybrid experience within. I was blown away by some of the information that came out in the panel, and would have been as happy in the audience as I was to be in front of them.

But alas, I don’t have a lot of time to discuss it just now. But you can expect to start hearing a lot more from me on this blog soon, and in general to see me making the rounds at a pace more like the one that launched my career in the coming year. Suffice to say, I am highly motivated and super excited about the (likely) two books I will have coming to shelves in the next two years. There ¬†will likely be more of them, too, at the rate things are going. Spoiler alert: the next time you hear from me it will be as a prodigal son returned home to The Lone Star State!

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